Amazement of expression

Tanka is a type of short classic Japanese poetry expressed using 31 letters. Mathematics is the science that beautifully expresses the laws of the universe using a few lines of a theorem or one formula. The Department of Applied Mathematics provides basic education in mathematics as a language and tool of science by cooperating with the Department of Mathematics. Students of Applied Mathematics learn the variety of cutting edge mathematical science based on basic knowledge.

Pleasure of making connections

New interactions emerge when islands in the ocean are connected by a bridge. Likewise, one of the important themes of the Department of Applied Mathematics is the applied research that connects the phenomena with laws as well as one field with another field. Three main fields of the Department of Applied Mathematics are phenomena, information, and statistics. The Department of Applied Mathematics is conducting mathematical research to connect and widen engineering and technologies in these three fields.

Pleasure of creation

Creation of new things is an essential activity for human society to pave the way for the future. The Department of Applied Mathematics is aiming to become a pioneer in the new mathematical science. Creative research activities in various fields are supporting the department, such as the attempt to express natural phenomena through computations and the attempt to forecast a society using statistics.